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> Those of you with mail admin experience...
> - do the DKIM headers look right to you?
> - any other measures I should take to protect mailman?

I feel your pain. I am also running mailman on my servers to handle mailing lists mainly for the kid’s class at school, parents of daycare etc etc and getting emails through gets harder day by day. Mails going to spam folders is the mildest thing, but many providers silently drop messages (my server thinks they are accepted but they never appear for the receiver unless for example the sender is in the receiver’s address book. I am looking at you and And is simply broken beyond measure.)

But others don’t do better: My employer’s central mail server, the biggest university in Germany headcount wise get’s its mails rejected by at random times for obscure reasons. But they at least reject the mail which leads to an error message. Recently, I put my frustration about this in a blog post:

I haven’t attempted to set up DKIM. So if you found a good recipe to do that I would love to hear about it. What did you do to mailman? The interwebs suggest setting SUBSCRIBE_FORM_SECRET but is seems for me, Debian had already done that. I disabled the xxx-subsbscribe and xxx-join addresses. What else can I do?

Greetings from quarantine, week 3 day 5.
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