Subsurface mobile general question

Paul-Erik Törrönen poltsi at
Sun Nov 14 13:44:14 PST 2021

On 2021-11-14 05:01, Robert.Helling via subsurface wrote:
> OK, that guess was wrong. Our SAC calculation does not notice it’s a
> CCR dive. That is of course wrong. Created a PR that makes us refuse
> to compute a SAC for CCR dives.

When CCR, you're mainly interested in the consumption of O2 as noted 
previously. The diluent is not really telling since it is mainly a 
function of your profile as you use diluent to equalize the pressure in 
the loop. A serrated profile (lot's of ups and down) == large volume of 
diluent used because of addition to loop when going down, then dumping 
it when ascending.

Of course this also happens to O2 also, but what would be interesting to 
see is how/when your consumption of O2 changes due to increased work.

> It’s in the middle of the night and I could not test this since I
> don’t have any CCR dive data.

I can send some CCR-dive logs your way if you still need them.


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