Subsurface mobile general question

Jan Mulder jan at
Mon Nov 15 00:11:28 PST 2021

On 15-11-2021 08:33, Robert Helling via subsurface wrote:
>> As a ball park approximation, many CCR dives (up to 65m) are done 
>> using air as a diluent, supplemented with oxygen from the O2 cylinder 
>> to make up for oxygen consumed as well as for higher O2 levels during 
>> shallower deco.
> But what is the ratio of diluent use to O2 use? That test dive uses 
> 123 liters of O2 and 100 liters of air.

The idea that there is a ratio between diluent use and O2 use is flawed. 
The main driver for O2 use is time and workload, and for diluent its the 
dive profile.

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