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> > The idea that there is a ratio between diluent use and O2 use is flawed. The main driver for O2 use is time and workload, and for diluent its the dive profile. 
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> this is clear. I was asking to get an understanding how bad the error is to ignore that O2 is not only contained in the O2 bottle but also in diluent. I guess you would want to know how much O2 your body consumes during the dive. The true number would be the sum of the O2 from the O2 cylinder plus the O2 contained in the diluent minus the O2 that was released from the loop to the water.  How bad is the approximation that takes into account only the O2 from the O2 cylinder? If it’s a few percent, I would make sense to compute and display that number. If the error is bigger probably less so.

It could be a interesting thing to model the loop volume and based on
cylinder pressure and depth "figure out" how much o2 was metabolized how
much was wasted. The same goes for dil, how optimally it was used. I'm
not sure anything of this is of any kind of practical value, but it
could be a fun exercise in aligning real data with models and track the

I just know that my RB friends laugh at me when seeing how much dil i
wasted when I did some test dives on RB with them. Proper loop volume
management is quite tricky as a OC diver =)


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