Garmin gas change bug and some corner cases.

Michael Andreen harv at
Wed Nov 17 11:22:33 PST 2021

On Wednesday 17 November 2021 18:08:20 CET Michael Andreen via subsurface 

> The suunto log shows it's own transmitter for cylinder 1 and when gas 
> to cylinder 2 it switches to calculated values. What I would like to have 
> is calculated values for cylinder 1 and the suunto transmitter values for 
> cylinder 2.

So I browsed the code a bit and found found out that it works if I change from 
pressure= to pressure1= in the xml file for the suunto samples. And for git 
storage I need to change from Xbar to Xbar:1.

Now it also only shows a gap in the pressure graph instead of a calculated 
value, which is probably better.


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