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Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Sat Nov 20 14:13:49 PST 2021

We do use Transifex for the app - but we learned that that's really frustrating
for web pages. We tried that, and it was a major pain.

So what we use now is GitHub pages with a very simple translation module.
And creating translations there is straight forward for a developer - and not all that hard with GitHub desktop for someone who isn't developer tool savvy.

For Spanish, Salvadore has been a very reliable translator of the little announcements (and as usual he was the first to send one in for 5.0.5 as well).


> On Nov 20, 2021, at 12:47 PM, Antoni Bella Pérezwrote:
>  Hi Dirk,
>  I can help in Castillian (or Spanish, for less accustomed people). Her 
> translation is acceptable (Google?) but it needs a human mind.
>  Currently what doesn't make much sense is to translate with necessary access 
> to Git. Use Transifex is my first option.
>  Do you have something in mind about it?
>  Other idea:
>  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReStructuredText <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReStructuredText>
>  KDE Websites using translation (and her Git repo):
> https://develop.kde.org/ <https://develop.kde.org/> (Kirigami pages are translated)
> - https://invent.kde.org/documentation/develop-kde-org <https://invent.kde.org/documentation/develop-kde-org> (content/docs/kirigami 
> - use MD files)
> https://docs.kdenlive.org/ <https://docs.kdenlive.org/> (very recent, need much work)
> - https://invent.kde.org/documentation/docs-kdenlive-org <https://invent.kde.org/documentation/docs-kdenlive-org>
> https://docs.krita.org/ <https://docs.krita.org/> (I have a small ToDo task, great quality)
> - https://invent.kde.org/documentation/docs-krita-org <https://invent.kde.org/documentation/docs-krita-org>

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