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Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Wed Nov 24 10:32:38 PST 2021

Hi Robert

> thanks for the slight push. This made me sit down and implement the template editing with WebEngine. I decided that for the time being, the Subsurface „Preview“ button is not really needed to be ported to WebEngine as the OS also supplies preview capabilities in the printing dialog (at least MacOS does, I hope my assumption about Windows and Linux is correct here). 

I think so - that does seem fairly universal. I can test this on Windows; I actually have a physical Windows machine now so I can do more testing on that - I still dislike actually USING Windows, but at least I can run Subsurface and try the different device connections without having to go through a virtualization layer and wondering which problems might be caused or hidden by virtualization...

What I don't have, so far, is an Apple M1 system. I played with the idea of getting a Mac Mini but then decided that I didn't really need yet another machine. I already have an insane amount of computers here :)

> So, I consider my „replace webkit with WebEngine“ branch feature complete and ready for merging. The replacement is still subject to a make option (USE_WEBENGINE) but my suggestion would be to make that ON by default on all platforms but Windows and then ditch WebKit wherever possible.

My understanding is that we'll need to keep this on Windows as long as we can. So I'm thinking that for a good long time the Windows builds will be Qt 5.15 + QtWebKit.
In parallel we can work on moving the Mac to Qt 6 + QtWebEngine

That should allow us to build on M1/ARM - so this seems like a "best of both worlds" idea... I hope.

> A corresponding PR can be found here: https://github.com/subsurface/subsurface/pull/3352 <https://github.com/subsurface/subsurface/pull/3352>
I'll look at this today.

> Let me mention that I took care not to break backwards compatibility for templates. Some things (in particular the profiles) would have been easier with a slight change of template syntax but for the benefit of users that made their own templates (are there many?) I decided not to force them to update their templates.

There are a few. I remember that when I broke a feature in a build a year or so ago (thanks to the pandemic time has lost all meaning, so take that time frame with a grain of salt), I quickly got complaints. Mainly from Germans, though :)

> Let me mention that I realized only now that the fact that our printing is via html allows to include html tags in the dive notes to be rendered in the printout. And of course that allows you to embed images from the web (like our logo…). This is of course also true for the templates. There is room for CI (printing our logo on divelog print outs or include dynamic content from the web, e.g. ads for www.hohndel.org <http://www.hohndel.org/> or similar). The possibilities are infinite.

What is www.hohndel.org? What are ads?
Funnily enough, since I no longer have a server that I think of as "hohndel.org" this ends up automagically forwarding to subsurface-divelog.org... kinda neat :)
I do use "hohndel.name" for my underwater photography.

But I digress. I'll look at the PR. With 5.0.5 just released this seems like the perfect time. And I also want to merge Berthold's profile changes - I already worry if there is breakage once we mix those two.


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