Planner last stop upon moving waypoints

Robert C. Helling helling at
Mon Jul 1 14:12:09 PDT 2013


let me report on my two hour attempt to find the origin of the planner problem that I reported earlier: In the new planner, you create a dive that does not cause deco then move one waypoint such that there is significant deco and then move it back to find that there is still a very long stop at 3m.

In short, I did not find the cause of the problem but I learned a bit to use QtCreator as a fronted to gdb. My guess had been that somehow the linked list starting with divelist.dp was the problem with a node having around for the last stop with some last pointer not being properly set to NULL upon shrinking deco. But it seems that was not the case.

It rather seems that it really calculates actual deco (in terms of tissue saturation) at 3m. In the time I had, I could not figure out why, maybe there is something fishy with the cached deco state. I have to do something else not (to be specific: go to bed so I can get out early enough tomorrow morning). I am just writing this so nobody else wastes more time looking in the wrong place.


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