Import XP5 dive data from Seemann software

Jef Driesen jefdriesen at
Wed Sep 4 02:12:49 UTC 2013

On 2013-09-04 01:29, Berthold Cogel wrote:
> There's something that might help...
> I found the old installation package which was a german version
> (v1.0.3). In the same folder I had a version of Oceanlog (V2.2.6) which
> looks very similar to the Seemann version. Now I remember that I tried
> to import the XP5 data into Oceanlog because this software works with
> Windows 7. It didn't work and I had to use the virtual XP with the
> Seemann software.
> Btw.: To me the XP5 looks like the Oceanic Veo 1.0.

The XP5 is a re-branded Oceanic device. So no surprise the software 
looks the same too, because it *is* the same. Except for one important 
difference. All Oceanic device have an internal id string that is 
transmitted during the initial handshake. And for some reason the 
Oceanic software refuse to communicate if that id doesn't match with the 
device you have selected. So while the Oceanlog software is technically 
capable to download the XP5, you can't because there is no XP5 option in 
its list.

I have no idea why Oceanic has this implemented like this. If you ask 
me, it's a lot more user friendly to use this id string to perform 
autodetection. That's exactly what libdivecomputer does, and it works 
very well :-)


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