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Thu Dec 11 14:17:14 PST 2014

Hi all
Is there someone who has a Galileo Sol and a tank pressure transmitter?
For some test dives I'm doing I would like to see the SAC in every moment
of the dive profile.

I always owned only a bottom timer but a friend of mine lend me a Galielo
Sol with a pressure transmitter. He nearly never used it so he is not able
to give me useful info. I'm digging through Scubapro Galileo and Smartrak
(brrrr) manuals with no luck.

On the Subsurface manual I see a screenshot of a Galileo Sol and the air
consumption graph.
The manual says:

> *The air consumption graph displays the tank pressure and its change
> during the*
> *dive. The air consumption takes depth into account so that even when
> manually*
> *entering the start and end pressures the graph is not a straight line.*
> *Similarly to the depth graph the slope of the tank pressure gives the
> user information*
> *about the*
> *momentary SAC rate (Surface Air Consumption) when using an air integrated
> dive computer.*
> *Here the colour*
> *coding is not relative to some absolute values but relative to the
> average*
> *normalised air consumption during the dive. So areas that are red or
> orange*
> *indicate*
> *times of increased normalized air consumption while dark green reflects
> times**when the diver was using less gas than average.*

Could you shed light on what info I have when using this computer and a

Is there a way to see the current SAC on the dive profile?
Which kind of info Galileo Sol download to the logbook? Just tank pressure?

>From the smartrak manual it seems that I will get just min/max/avg values.

I will have just one transmitter so I will monitor tank pressure only on
back gas.

Thank you in advance

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