Uwatec Smart Z data download takes 1.5 hours for only 4 dives

Sape Sikkema s.sikkema at telfort.nl
Sun Jan 26 12:34:10 UTC 2014

Dear Subsurface development team,

A while ago I reported a very slow data transfer from my Uwatec Smart Z 
DC to desktop PC thru IR. During the investigation it became clear that:
1. Each time all data will be downloaded from DC as Subsurface 
can't/couldn't handle the time stamp.
2. The slow data transfer was not kernel related, but distribution 
related. It happened to me only in different OpenSUSE versions while 
several *buntu kernels were approximately equally fast.
3. Following Linus' advice I compiled a new kernel for OpenSUSE with 
config option IRDA_FAST_RR set to Y, which is a default setting for 
other distributions apparently.

With this kernel option set, the speed was OK. In order to have it 
solved I reported bug 860502 to bugzilla.novell.com.

Thank you all for your assistance and good luck with further 
developments of Subsurface.


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