[PATCH] HTML: use Right/Left arrows to switch between dives

"Paul-Erik Törrönen" poltsi at 777-team.org
Mon Jun 30 23:28:58 PDT 2014

>>> * Clicking on the 'Back to list' from the more details-view, shows only
>>> a
>>> small fraction of all the dives. If I click on the 'Number' column link
>>> which reorders the list, then all the dives are displayed again
>> What is the expected behavior? I think this is normal as the list always
>> view N dives only (the number can be changed from the drop down menu)
> Remember if all dives where shown when going to detailed view?

Oops, sorry for not being clear.

Background: I exported all my dives (476 of them) in HTML.

The step-by-step procedure is:

1. Open the HTML-page in browser, see 10 dives, reorder it to see first
the last 10 by clicking on the 'Number'-header
2. Click on dive 472 (5. from top), see expanded view of dive
3. Click on 'show more details' (which probably should have a capital S)
to see the graph and whatnot
4. Click on the 'Back to list' button on top of the box

Now I only see 5 dives, numbered 5 -> 1 (in this order, eg. the 5 first
dives in reversed order). See attachment*.

The expected behaviour is that clicking on the 'Back to list'-button
returns me to the list of 10 dives showing dives 476-467 (desc. order).

An added curiosity is that if I repeat this choosing the second (475) dive
instead, then returning to the list only displays 2 dives from the

* Note that it states at the bottom: '472 to 476 of 476 dives', which
probably should be '1 to 5 of 476 dives'. In addition, when I reverse the
full list, and view dives 476-467, it is not updated, as it states '1 to
10 of 476 dives'.


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