Patch and task

Robert C. Helling robert at
Thu Mar 13 13:19:44 PDT 2014


> Am 13.03.2014 um 17:48 schrieb Lakshman <acrlakshman at>:
> Since you haven't commented on the details I mentioned, I am assuming
> I am going in the right direction.

Please don't assume that. What you said sounds reasonable but I don't know these portions of the code very well. I was and am currently answering from my phone where I cannot look up the code to check. 

I think it can be done without a second table. Just locate the loop that becomes infinite and make sure it ignores dp's that are not edited. That should make it finite. 

The other thing is to clean up the calculated waypoints upon change of the entered ones and recalculate the computed ones. 


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