Google Summer of Code 2015

Peter Bozsó bozpet92 at
Mon Oct 6 06:40:44 PDT 2014

Hello everybody!

My name is Peter Bozsó, I already participated in two GSoC-s (at ScummVM),
and I know it's "a bit" early, but looking trough this year's list of
accepted organizations I found Subsurface and got really interested about
I'd like to ask you if Subsurface (as a mentoring organization) is planning
to participate in the upcoming GSoC 2015? I saw you already have an Android
app, and last year a student implemented an iOS app, and since I am really
into Windows Phone development the idea immediately occurred to me: I'd
really like to implement a WP 8.1 companion app for Subsurface.
Please tell me if it's a valuable idea for you guys, what are your opinions
about it, and if you are willing to participate in GSoC again at all!

Many thanks in advance,
Peter Bozsó (uruk / uruk-hai)
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