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Em 22/10/2014 12:52, "Dirk Hohndel" <dirk at hohndel.org> escreveu:
> So in order to allow people to add simple dives more quickly (without
> having to use the graphical profile editor, if they prefer) I was
> considering what seems like a small change to the UI, but I have no idea
> how to do that.
> The idea would be to have another input field on the MainTab (I was
> thinking to the right of the "location" input field) and have that be the
> field for the max depth of the dive. The logic would work something like
> this:
> - the field is only shown when we are in ADD DIVE mode or are editing a
>   manually edited dive
> - the field will also be disabled if the profile has been changed to have
>   more points, more 'levels', etc (i.e., if it isn't the standard "drop to
>   depth, stay there for a while, ascend to safety stop, ascend to surface"
>   style)
> - if the user changes the value in this field the profile of course gets
>   updated
> So all this seems to make sense to me (yell if you disagree). But what I
> have no idea how to do is how to conditionally add / hide that additional
> label and additional input field in the grid layout. The layout is created
> from the .ui file. Location right now spans three columns. How can I
> change this at run time to span two columns and add those fields?

You can add the full dialog in the .ui, and create logic to   .show()  or
.hide()   the fields you wanna conditionally.

> /D
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