Allow replanning of logged dives

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> On 12 May 2015, at 10:28, Davide DB <dbdavide at> wrote:
> Maybe a far much simpler approach could be just giving a numerical
> indication of the missed deco (if any).
> In other words, when I toggle the 3m ceiling button, if I violated the
> calculated ceiling, it would be nice displaying the missing TTS as a
> event/alert at the end of the dive or just a numerical indication on
> the info panel...

I didn’t go for your simpler approach as it is ambiguous: Given a real dive, at which point is the planner supposed to take over? The first time you violate the ceiling? Or the last? Imagine for example that you first violate the ceiling at 22m but then you stop at 21m an stay there longer than needed, e.g. until the ceiling drops to 12m. Then you proceed with your ascent and again at 5m go through the ceiling again  and surface. Which is the information you would want to be displayed?

Therefore, with my proposed solution, the decides at which waypoint the planner is supposed to take over by holding the control key and clicking the corresponding dustbin icon in the table (thereby deleting that and all following waypoints).

If you simply want to know a time to surface at each point of the dive, we have been doing that for a long time: This can be turned on with one of the icons besides the profile and displays the TTS in the info box (I should say, however, that this can be a bit expensive in computation time, so the responsiveness of the user interface loses some snappiness).

Hope that helps.

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