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Rick Walsh rickmwalsh at
Thu Jan 14 12:56:04 PST 2016


On 14 Jan 2016 19:52, "Jan Mulder" <jlmulder at> wrote:
> Tried the latest (655) version ( from google play) and I am getting very
different results on 3 android devices.
> 1) 5" phone, android 5.1.1, cyanogenmod 12.1 (very latest daily).
> - entering cloud credentials and loading cloud data works correctly
> - same session, immediate SIGSEGV follows. Only with phone in portrait
orientation. This is reproducible, and got introduced last week with the
big modifications (swiping details and the code simplification set).
Obviously, I can provide logcat when interested.

Please do save and post the logcat.

After that, try uninstalling the app before reinstalling. A few weeks ago I
was having the app crash all over the place, but it only happened if it was
upgraded/installed on top of an existing installation. I'm interested to
see if you're experiencing the same thing. Hopefully we can work out when
and why this occurs and work out how to prevent it.

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