Android app -923

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Thu Mar 3 15:22:40 PST 2016

This is back to using Qt 5.6.0.
In order to avoid the crashes we've been seeing with that I now switched
the grid layout on the dive details page to be fixed column width (so
we're setting both the preferred and the maximum width to the same value).

The notification for cloud access seems to work in all the scenarios that
I could think of testing.

The list of known outstanding bugs is getting really small.

Sebas, now that we are on Qt 5.6... do you remember what you and I tested
a couple of months ago with getting the correct keyboard geometry from Qt?
I know that worked with 5.6... so maybe you could create a Kirigami patch
to use that data so the users don't need to close the keyboard to access
the bottom part of a page?

Other than that... localization, but I'm OK with having the first release
just in English, to be honest. What else is broken?

I'll give it a day (since the Europeans most likely are asleep by now) and
then maybe make another beta tomorrow. And then maybe we can work our way
towards a first release next week?


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