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On 15 March 2016 at 21:28, Willem Ferguson
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> A graphs that I would personally like to see is a scatter diagram depicting
> SAC against dive depth. I find that my SAC increases with depth, so a
> graphical representation of SAC with depth could actually help with dive
> planning if SAC is one of the parameters going into the planning. The way
> that I would use this is to select a subset of dives from the dive list and
> do this graph for that subset.

i won't comment on what data should be available as charts to the
user, but i can comment about the realization of the charts in terms
of software.

attached is a demo project that uses the Chart.js library v2.*:

the idea here is that QML / JS can be used to create interactive (and
supposedly portable) charts.

you can unzip the archive and start it with:
$qml main.qml
(given you have the "qml" binary from the Qt package in PATH).

this is WebView based, but the library also has QML bindings here,
which seem outdated:

i haven't tested this idea on mobile, but if it works, it makes a
point that QML / JS can be used to display charts to the user in a
portable manner for both the desktop and mobile apps.

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