auth error

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Aug 27 13:32:26 PDT 2017

> On Aug 27, 2017, at 10:15 AM, Yury Akudovich <yorik503 at> wrote:
> Dirk,
> Sorry for delayed reply, I was on vacation.
> You were right, my local build wasn't able to sync to cloud because of
> lack of https support in libgit2. There is bug open about that:

The interdependency of how things are built on Linux distros are one of
the key challenges for us. See the latest battle with the googlemaps plugin
not compiling on Ubuntu and Debian systems.

> I've rebuilt the library and Subsurface with https support and now it works!
> Unfortunately I can't install your deb packages because of dependency
> on libssl1.0.0, but in my Debian buster(testing) is only libssl1.1
> available.

Hmm - I have a hard time matching Ubuntu and Debian versions. Even the 
Artful repo isn't new enough for Buster?


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