Summer work on the planner

Tomaz Canabrava tcanabrava at
Wed Aug 30 01:18:17 PDT 2017


What is still missing:
> A ui element to turn this expensive calculation off.

This is easy to add, wouldn't take me much time.

A way to do this calculation in the background (I tried to implement this
> but the planner is not reentrant to a degree that I failed even with huge
> locks)
> The variation information is computed in seconds for individual stops as
> is the second derivative (which tells about the validity of linear
> extrapolation). Currently there is no way to present this information to
> the user (except by printfs to stdout).


Finally, thanks to signals/slots flying in all directions, I do not
> understand when exactly the planner is called. I am under the impression it
> is called three times upon each change of a dive parameter in the UI. By
> understanding this, there is a possible 200% performance gain in sight.

I need to look into this, can you tell me the entry point so I can debug?

> Best
> Robert
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