O2 sensor values on CCR dives

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Fri Dec 1 12:39:30 PST 2017

Yes I know perfectly how calibration works. I meant how po2 is calculated
from downloaded data.
It's a completely different story.

Am I the only one with a Petrel controller here? Maybe other user can
confirm if their pO2 values are correct.

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Il 01 dic 2017 7:38 PM, "John Smith" <noseygit at hotmail.com> ha scritto:

> What I do not understand is how this conversion was made the very first
> time. I mean how did you reverse engineered those values? I mean did you
> have a reference data set (mV, calibration K and resulting po2) to compare
> against?
> Surely every time you run the calibration routine on the shearwater there
> should be a new calibration value (calibration k) for each cell. The PPO2
> is then a linear calculation based on this.
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