Deco calculation for repetitive dive - strange effect

Robert Helling helling at
Mon Feb 6 10:30:21 PST 2017


> On 06 Feb 2017, at 08:55, Robert Helling <helling at> wrote:
> I haven’t completely understood this, but this seems to be specific to VPM-B (no oddity for Buehlmann). The VPM-B model has all kinds of strange state data (like what was the total time in deco, at which point do we switch from bottom time to ascent etc etc). My guess it’s somewhere there where repetitive dives have weird effects. Will investigate further but now day job calls.

a no progress report: I guessed it’s the max_ambient_pressure but now I know, it is not. Tonight, I will not have further time to look into this (we have visitors), so if someone else wants to give it a try: There are a few other state variables of VPM-B, all defined as global variables in deco.c. I would next try max_crushing pressure (by resetting this between dives and see if this makes the deco almost independent of the day. In Buehlmann, one can see, that the difference in saturation is only minimal).

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