Integration of Sentinel rebreather dowload-library to Subsurface (or libdivecomputer)

Paul-Erik Törrönen poltsi at
Mon Jun 5 10:18:33 PDT 2017

I recently got the libsentinel¹ completed (thanks to Miika) to the 
degree that it now downloads and parses the dive data from the 

It returns a struct with (almost, some data still mystifies me) all 

The question is, how can this be integrated to Subsurface?

Some background: I'm a complete newbie when it comes to writing C-code. 
I originally tried to write this as a part of the libdivecomputer but 
since I did not (and still not) understand quite what the data model for 
the dive profiles are in libdc, I had problems in creating a new 
'driver' for it. Instead I wrote the libsentinel which let me use (and 
comprehend) very simple structures to store the dive data.

Or should this after all be added to libdivecomputer? I guess the serial 
handling would then be working also for Windows.



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