[PATCH] Visualisation of individual oxygen sensor data for CCR dives

Paul-Erik Törrönen poltsi at poltsi.fi
Wed May 10 04:53:55 PDT 2017

On 2017-05-10 13:20, Joakim Bygdell wrote:
> There is no sensor data in that log, only setpoint information at the
> start,
> when the setpoint changes during the descent and before surfacing.

Attached is a log from Sentinel (raw). You can convert it to 
Subsurfaceish log here: 

The relevant columns in the log are:

Fxxx - Cell 1 reading (divide by 100 to get pO2 in bar)
Gxxx - Cell 2 reading
Hxxx - Cell 3 reading
Ixxx - Setpoint

And I concur with Anton, it would be very helpful to see what setpoint 
the machine tries to maintain, and what the actual cells are 

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