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Fri Apr 6 21:35:36 PDT 2018

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 10:58 PM, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:

> Thanks to Murillo we finally have a working map module on iOS as well.


> If you are registered for TestFlight you should have received a
> notification.
> If you aren't (or didn't) and would like to play with this, please drop me
> a line.
> Overall iOS is still our smallest user group with the fewest people
> actively
> testing - so if you have access to an iOS device, I'd really appreciate
> some
> feedback.

Initially the map seems to be working OK. At least it shows the dive I have
chosen from dive list.

It appears that one cannot choose location for a dive that does not contain
any GPS coordinates. Looking at options for a dive with coordinates, it
appears that this might not be supported on mobile at all.

I wonder if both the mapit icon and gps icon at the bottom are both
required. Maybe just getting rid of the button at the top right corner?

How is the choosing of shown dive sites supposed to work? Does it make any
sense on mobile? I can highlight the dives shown on the map, but they don't
seem to be selected when I return to dive list. If there is no proper
need/use for choosing multiple dives on mobile then maybe disable this
options from the map. Or do we somehow support editing multiple dives on

BTW I had some trouble getting the iOS version working. I have used it
before but last 2-3 versions were asking for PIN code as if the
registration process was being done. I had to clear my credentials, quit
Subsurface, do magic dance, start Subsurface, insert credentials and then
with a couple of more twists I got the divelog synced. No wonder people
have been asking for missing PIN code if they have ended up in the same
state (Subsurface was claiming the PIN was sent)

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