Bluetooth fails on mobile

Davide DB dbdavide at
Thu Apr 12 08:07:54 PDT 2018

On 12 April 2018 at 17:01, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:
> Oops. On the first version Nexus 7? That should be impossible.
> I own several first version Nexus 7 and they didn't support BLE, I'm
> quite certain about that.
> You will see that the 2012 version only support BT 3.0, it's the 2013
> version that adds BT 4.0 (and therefore BLE).

I will try again this evening (CET) at home.
IIRC On the Nexus 5x once paired on the bluetooth info I see LE:address
On the Nexus 7 once paired I see only the address (the same as the
other phone) so I selected that address form Subsurface download drop
This evening I will try to install a screen recorder on that ancient
tablet so i will post a video.

> I start the download
> Subsurface start counting downloaded dives...
> On Petrel I see SENDING PACKET messages
> At some point on my Petrel I get ERROR SENDING PACKET and the Petrel UI
> quits.
> OK so far.
> On Subsurface mobile the UI is stuck on something like downloading
> dive #[dive number]
> The UI loops indefinitely with this message. Whatever I do when I go
> back on the download from dive computer screen its' always in the
> download state. Buttons don't work.
> It should time out.
> Can you try this? After you've seen about 5 dives downloaded (why is it
> re-downloading dives you already have? you said only 3 were missing)
> please tap the Cancel button on the UI. That should cancel the BT download
> and show you the partial download which you can then save.
> Looking to the app logs via developer's options I see something like
> this: (English translation between parenthesis are mine)
> "143.271: dive #18 dom 24 set 2017 11:29"
> "LocalDeviceBroadcastReceiver::onReceive() - event:
> andorid.bluetooth.device.action.ACL_DISCONNECTED"
> QMutex: destroying locked mutex
> Executing queued closeSocket()
> AppState changed to inactive with no save ongoing and unsaved changes
> "Save changes to local cache"
> Sincronizzazione dei dati in corso (ongoing data sinc)
> preparazione al salvataggio dei dati (preparing to save data)
> Inizio salvataggio dei dati (starting saving data)
> Inizio salvataggio delle immersioni (starting saving dives)
> AppState changed to active with save ongoing and unsaved changes
> AppState changed to suspended with save ongoing and unsaved changes
> Creazione della cache locale riuscita
> QEGLPlatformContext: eglSwapBuffers failed: 300d
> done saving to git local / remote
> I'm not a  developer but from logs I see that 18 dives where
> downloaded (I need only the newest three of them)
> it's like the downloading thread has successfully stopped and some of
> the dives are being saved
> somewhere... But even restarting Subsurface nothing has changed into
> my dive list.
> I attached a screenshot of the whole log.
> I know that I could get the log file connecting via USB but given that
> we already have a text canvas (or something like that) wich shows me
> the log why don't you enable the copy paste or use another kind of
> widget so a user can easily forward it directly from Subsurface UI?
> That's a QML problem (the UI toolkit that we use). I need to ping
> the QML developers to find out when that will be possible.
> But if you have an email app on the Nexus 7, you should be able
> to simply attach the subsurface.log from the root of your storage
> device to an email...
> /D

I could not find that file. i have to install some file manager app.
Anyway I will test everything this evening.



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