Any brave dive computer download testers out there?

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Wed Apr 18 12:54:30 PDT 2018

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> >   Right, only bring back those pieces that are of interest. I'll take a
> look
> > at this, but I'm not really into bloated communication stacks... I'm
> merely
> > a low-level driver coder.
> .......
> It never worked very well even back then, but at least it made sense
> to have IRDA as a networking stack.
> Today, the _only_ user I'm aware of is old dive computers. It doesn't
> make sense as a networking stack any more.
>              Linus

Is this a case where many hours of developer effort will be dumped into
supporting an old obsolete group of dive computers?  Maybe the current
version of Subsurface can remain available for users of the IRDA computers
and new versions will drop this feature?

I'm just not sure how many users have IRDA computers and it seems like
developer time is better spent on supporting the up-and-coming computers
which will be BT or BLE.

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