Website translations [was Re: 4.8.1 has been released]

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Jul 14 07:41:24 PDT 2018

One more thing. I think a reasonable goal for any language would be that the static
pages are in sync and that the LATEST News posts are translated. I don't think there's
any point in today going back and translating the old announcements. If you decide to
start today, I'd suggest starting with the 4.8/2.1 announcement and those since.

Also, the website is maintained in GitHub, but I'm happy to take simply text files with
the translated text if this is easier for you. For those interested in translating on Github,
if a translation file doesn't exist there, please let me know and I'll create it on the backend.
The one thing that does NOT work is to create a new translation in git and to push it
into the website. Right now for the new announcements I create posts for German, 
Dutch, and Spanish as those are the ones that usually get done. If you want me to
start creating other languages as well, just let me know and I'll be happy to do it.



> Of those languages, the first three are still somewhat maintained - new announcements
> are usually translated. Some others have fallen way behind even on some of the static
> pages. Polish doesn't have a translated landing page. Several of the languages don't
> have the link to the latest versions. Even fewer have a current translation of the Download
> page (which, btw, needs to be updated in English as well, which is another way of saying
> "hey, I'm not pointing fingers... keeping the website up to date is hard and I fail most of
> the time even for the two languages I sort of speak")
> What I was trying to do with the comment in the announcement above was solicit feedback
> on some of the languages that seem to have fallen further behind. Is anyone interested
> in maintaining these languages? Or should we drop them if outdated content is actually
> ending up being counter-productive?
> /D
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