website translation experiments

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Jul 17 23:13:11 PDT 2018

>> i see that the titles are now available in Transifex under the website
>> project. Subsurface project still contains the older version of the
>> about
>> page. I am assuming we are moving our efforts under the website part.
> Yes please. I wanted to make sure I didn't lose anything before deleting them under subsurface

I just removed those.

>>> I will try REALLY HARD not to lose any translations in the process
>> :-)
>> One problem that would be nice to be changed is that currently
>> untranslated
>> pages end up with English texts in the foreign language resulting in
>> transifex claiming all strings to be translated. Would be great if
>> these
>> were empty in Transifex side.
> That seems impossible given the way I set things up. I'm still trying to figure out why.
> Right now I get errors when I try to create the translations "empty"

Haven't solved this one, yet, for documents where we already have translations. For new strings this seems to work already.

I think I have just pushed all the current translations of the 4.8.1 announcement to Wordpress.
Please verify that these are correct - let me know if things are missing, garbled, incorrectly encoded, etc.
I have stared at these for so long now that I'm not seeing clearly anymore - especially with all those that I can't read in the first place...

>> I am also not certain how well this is going to work when pages get
>> updated. I.e. previously I have commented that it should be easy to see
>> what is falling out of sync on Transifex, but currently I am unsure if
>> this
>> is true or not. But we will know more when the prototyping continues.
> That's why we are doing it :-)

I've played with this briefly and it's actually quite nice in Transifex - at least for the cases where we don't end up with English text as "translation".


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