Missing pO2 samples from CCR download [was: 4.7.8: a couple of questions]

Davide DB dbdavide at gmail.com
Thu May 24 01:05:10 PDT 2018

On Wed, 23 May 2018 at 19:24, Aaron Scheiner <blue at aquarat.za.net> wrote:

> I just tried re-downloading logs from my Petrel 2 using both the current
beta Android app and the current Windows application available for download
(4.7.8) and neither downloaded the PO2 samples.

> So I'm experiencing the same bug :D .

> Aaron

> The libdivecomputer log file ends with the following :
> INFO: Write: size=6, data=FF01020037C0
> INFO: Read: size=1, data=01
> INFO: Read: size=1, data=FF
> INFO: Read: size=1, data=03
> INFO: Read: size=1, data=00
> INFO: Read: size=1, data=77
> INFO: Read: size=1, data=00
> INFO: Read: size=1, data=C0
> INFO: Shearwater log version 7

> WARNING: Disabled all O2 sensors due to a default calibration value. [in
> INFO: Write: size=9, data=FF0105002E902000C0

Ok, thanks!

So I'm not the only one.

Regardless of Anton's solution which is fine, Don't you have a contact at
Shearwater to shed some light on this?



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