[Subsurface-divelog/subsurface] Improve OTU calculations (#1851)

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Sat Nov 17 21:31:52 PST 2018

Hi Robert,
The new calculation using 6/5 is exactly double the OTU value that is 
computed with the Baker (=Clark) algorithm.
Change the 60 to 120?
Kind regards,

> Argh, I had my maths wrong (6/5 instead of 5/6, which makes me think, 
> didn't the original literature have 1 .2 there?). OK, assuming 5/6 is 
> correct, have a look at 
> https://github.com/atdotde/subsurface/blob/c9d550e36fbbe4a3a10a6add808935c82c92efb6/core/divelist.c#L209 
> This formula seems to get it (sufficiently) right. Have a look at that 
> branch, that is not for merging but it has all the debugging info in 
> it. If you like it, you could take that formula, get rid of the printf 
> and your old formula (that is now with delta_old), and instead fo the 
> delta do out += immediately. Also in the if's further up, it's now 
> fine to have po2 = 500 since we nowhere divide by this anymore.
> Still need to write that blog post...
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