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Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Thu Oct 25 01:39:14 PDT 2018

On 2018/10/24 22:37, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> The question is, of course, if the dives that don't have Sodwana in 
> their trip location, mention
> Sodwana anywhere else, e.g. as tag or in the Notes (if you have that 
> enabled in the settings),
> etc.
> After all, this is a full text filter (and you can pick in the 
> settings if it is case sensitive and if the
> notes are included in the search). Does this explain the behavior?

Dirk, of course you are absolutely correct. The search term was 
contained in one of the notes on a dive trip. I assumed that the notes 
field is not included in the search scope. Three points:

1) It would make the search facility more useful if there was an option 
to turn off including the notes in the search scope. Including the notes 
within the search scope has a significant use in its own right, but I 
suspect that by far the majority of searches would not involve interest 
in the dive notes but would rather focus on dives with a specific buddy 
or at a dive site or using specific suit or dive mode (e.g. OC, CCR).

2) I suspect the filter does not allow searching by date?

3) I have noticed a small bug in the filter text at the top of the 
screen but I am struggling to re-generate this issue. I am looking at a 
reliable way to generate this and I will report in a separate mail.

This is an impressive facility in the mobile version.

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