Mares Bluetooth dongle

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Sep 24 12:27:07 PDT 2018

> On Sep 24, 2018, at 12:23 PM, Linus Torvalds <torvalds at> wrote:
>> You bought another dive computer?
> No. I went into the local dive shop to ask if they can rent them, but
> they don't. But the owner has seen me there enough that he just said
> "take it for a few days".


> So I have a Mares Quad Air to play with for a few days, and I decided
> to just buy the bluetooth donge that they didn't have in the store. It
> was prime, but sadly not "two day" prime, just "get it by Thursday".

I hate that.

>>> Because the Mares BLE case really looks like we should be able to get
>>> it working fairly trivially.
>> I am traveling Tue/Wed this week - but usually I can create a test APK on a very
>> quick turnaround. So the moment you have a patch you want me to try, getting
>> an APK out "only" requires me to be near my computer and have a few minutes
>> to start of a build and upload it.
> I should have a patch later today.  Need to go grocery shopping and
> mull over just how to select the endpoints so that I don't screw up
> any of our existing cases.

I keep wondering if the HW is indeed the only one where we really are looking
for a fixed UUID... i.e., maybe that's the same on the Mares and we just hard
code things?
Have we ever compared notes on the Perdix AI?

> Our code to pick a characteristic is basically almost entirely random
> and just "this worked for the cases we had" with then the Heinrichs
> Weicamp thing being a complete special case because of the whole "need
> to do flow control in software" thing.
> I suspect I just need to bite the bullet and have a per-divecomputer
> set of uuid's etc, with the existing code as a fallback. Or something.

That seems much more sane...


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