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Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Sun Apr 14 00:36:23 PDT 2019

This discussion continues the topic of including an editable atmospheric 
pressure textbox in the Notes Tab. The discussion then revolved around 
moving some of the data items to a different tab.

I have five proposals.

1) Any extraneous information is moved to the existing Extra Info tab. 
For many (if not most) recreational dive computers this tab is not used. 
So, if any information is to be moved out of the Notes Tab an additional 
new tab is probably not warranted. However, this means that there would 
now be a third tab that contains editable data fields (apart from Notes 
and Equipment).

2) If the above were true, the UI would be simplified if the tabs with 
editable data fields were grouped together. That would mean rearranging 
the tabs so that Extra Info is in the third position just after Equipment.

3) I suggest that the two temperature text boxes are moved to the Extra 
Info tab. The water temperature is depicted in great detail on the dive 
profile, so no information is lost.

4) I expressed an opinion beforehand that any information that affects 
the deco ceiling should be immediately visible. One of these is the dive 
mode. When logging a dive, I often found that Subsurface defaults to a 
wrong dive mode. My Petrel does not provide the information, therefore 
this has to be set by hand using the Dive Mode dropdown box. No fault of 
Subsurface. Therefore my strong preference is for the Dive Mode dropdown 
box to be kept on the Notes tab and not moved to the Extra Info tab. If 
indeed, the Dive Mode dropdown box is moved to the Extra Info tab, I 
would expect (almost 'demand') a clear indication on the dive profile 
that shows the dive mode. (Maybe as part of the deco model info e.g. 
"VPM-B +3  (Open Circuit)" or "GF 40/75 (CCR)").

5) I propose that the Atmospheric pressure datum remains on the Notes 
tab and is not moved to the Extra Info tab. The reason is that, for 
inland dives, this is likely to be crucial information with respect to 
the deco ceiling. I regard this information as so important that, if 
this datum was indeed moved to the Extra Info tab, that it should also 
be indicated somewhere on the dive profile or on the Notes tab. I must 
confess that I am probably biased because I do many inland dives over 
1000m. For me this would not make a difference because my dive computer 
records atmospheric pressure in calculating deco. But many other divers 
that dive these same sites do not have access to atmospheric pressure 
and without having done Dive-at-altitude training and I have seen what 
altitude can do to the deco ceiling. Therefore my emphasis on this matter.

I could implement any of the above changes without too much problems if 
one of the Qt experts is prepared to verify my code afterwards. However, 
this is the sort of matter that needs some form of broad consensus 
before starting with the changes, otherwise a lot of time can be wasted 
in rewriting code.

Opinions. please.

Kind regards,


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