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On 2019/04/18 16:45, Hartley Horwitz wrote:
>     3) Water type is obtained directly from the dive computer and
>     translated
>     to g/liter. I would really like this heading to be "Water density"
>     and
>     not "Water type".
> I assume the entry is "salt" and "fresh" or "salt" and "sweet"?
Hmm, the datum currently reported is the water density, that is a 
floating point number. I suspect one could mess with the code so that a 
user can enter a string, and then translate that string to a density 
number. This one needs some careful thinking because one would be mixing 
two concepts, water type and water density but in terms of 
userfriendlyness it is possible to do such a translation. I would like 
to hear Dirk and Robert Helling's opinions on this.

>     I've attached a change to the main notes page:
> * move the line containing duration and depth up to the same line as 
> dive start time.
> * move duration closer to the time, so now I read the start of the 
> dive & the duration
> * tags goes to the line below, allowing a longer entry field

The screen mockup I made was using the notes panel for *manual* dive 
entry, in other words, a dive computer was not involved. When a dive 
computer is used, the line with depth and duration does not exist 
because, of course, this is all obtained during the download process. On 
your own Subsurface, look at your usual notes panel layout. Of course, 
when depth and duration does not feature (as in dc downloads) then your 
suggestion is not really applicable. Your valid question is whether a 
special adaptation should be made for the *manual* dive entry panel. I 
am undecided about that because there would be inconsistency between the 
dc-download and manual-entry versions of that panel.

The mockup achieves a smaller info panel (less vertical space) that 
leaves more vertical space for the notes. Dirk had a clear preference to 
achieve this.

I hope this makes sense?

Kind regards,


> ….Hartley

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