PLanner and dive list suggestions

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Perfect, thank you for the feedback, I will look for the update and also check the Android situation more completely


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Please don't drop the mailing list in these conversations...

We have new code in master that allows you to split out dive computers into separate dives. That should allow you to do all you want to do.
Split out the incorrectly merged C1D1 C2D1, merge C2D1 & C2D2, then merge C1D1 with C2D(1+2).


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Thank you for the response and let me reiterate my appreciation of Subsurface. Let me try to Clarify.

Suggestion #1b

     *   When using 2 dive computers that record dives slightly differently and using the merge function to bring a number of dives together that are really 1 I would like to have the ability to control better the combination (The normal Merge when using 1 dive computer is great, but when using 2 seems to break down)

Dive Computer 1 (C1):
Dive 1 (D1)
[cid:image002.png at 01D4F6B3.C2D47770]

Dive Computer 2 (C2):
Dive 1 (D1)
[cid:image006.png at 01D4F6B3.C2D47770]
Dive 2 (D2)
[cid:image009.png at 01D4F6B3.C2D47770]

The system automatically combines C1D1 with C2D1 because the times match (really cool functionality) and also links a dive plan to these if the time matches
When I try to merge C2D2 with the now combined Dive it would be nice if it merged C2D1 and C2D2 because they are the same computer or give manual control of the merge within a combined dive set.

When I was careful on the upload order and loader C2 first and performed a merge before uploading C1 it then created a compound dive with 2 rather than 3 dives

Suggestion #1c

     *   I would like the ability to save the plan from a previously completed dive currently it appears that I need to edit the dive in the planner which gives me the plan and completed profile in the editor (I like this view) and then save as new, however this gives a copy of the entire plan+completed profile and I would like to separate the plan so that I can reuse it

Is really an extension of #1a providing the ability to extract a copy of a single dive from a compound dive.
Compound Dive plan
[cid:image012.png at 01D4F6B3.C2D47770]
Compound Dive Execution
[cid:image014.png at 01D4F6B3.C2D47770]

I would like to extract a copy of the plan for modification on another future dive

Suggestion #2
>> Using Windows 10 I downloaded 4.8.6 to get the time/date change fix but found that the Bluetooth upload did not work and I had to revert to 4.8.5 (Minor issue)

>That's surprising as it uses the exact same software stack. Given that BLE download on Windows is fairly unreliable, could this just be a temporary issue? I.e., have you tried un-pairing and re-pairing the Shearwater?

I too suspect that this is a temporary issue although I did unpair and repair and restart all the devices. What surprised me was that as soon as I reverted to 4.8.5 it worked like a charm. I have not upgraded to 4,8,6 again yet although that will be my next test

Suggestion #3
>> I have just started to use the mobile version on android along with the Windows desktop, both synchronized through the cloud storage (This worked perfectly), I would like to request that the dive list on Android behave similar to the dive list on the desktop. On android multiple profiles of the same dive appear separately in the list where as on the desktop they are behind a single dive number. I think my preference would be for them to appear similar to the desktop version although I would like the ability to explicitly manage each profile.

> I don't think that's the case - on Android we only show the first dive computer and completely ignore the additional dive computers. Are you sure that they are indeed shown as separate dives? If yes, I'd love to see a screencast video that shows that phenomenon because I don't understand how that could be happening.

I will try this again and let you know, I have done too much manual editing to explain the scenario with confidence and clear screen shots


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