Development Questions

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at
Wed Aug 21 06:22:38 PDT 2019

>> As far as I can see the options are build under WSL using the MinGW, or
>> with MXE cross compile under a standard Linux box.
> I strongly advise against native builds. I believe we still have only one person who successfully did that. It's insanely painful. The container MXE builds on the other hand are really straight forward.


>> Any etiquette for proposing changes etc. I should know about beyond sign-off lines with pull requests?
> Smaller things are fine as pull request. For bigger or more fundamental changes I always suggest an email to the developer mailing list, first. A few areas have informal owners and it makes sense to get their take before spending time on something they'll reject...

yep, PRs should be scoped and if they contain multiple commits the
commits should make scoped changes too.
also PRs/commits should have detailed descriptions.


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