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Sat Jun 22 12:11:31 PDT 2019


Laurie and I have been testing the latest master, but unfortunately work has been getting in the way of me doing much development work. I have had a couple of opportunities to use the dive site export and import functions to share sites with Laurie and have not run into any issues. 

I hope to have some more time to help with 4.9 after I get back from my current jaunt to India. I hope you enjoy your trip. 


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> On Jun 22, 2019, at 11:45 AM, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:
> I feel a bit like I'm talking to myself here. Willem responded privately
> about the user manual and also reported a bug. Is anyone else testing?
> I did see several of the translators worked on the new strings that I
> pushed - my heartfelt thanks for this.
> I will be traveling the next two weeks and should as part of this have
> plenty of opportunity to test Subsurface (Linux and Mac) and
> Subsurface-mobile (Android). Hopefully that will help me get a better idea
> how close we are to being able to release this. But I'd really love to
> hear from others since there are large parts of this software that I never
> use:
> - planner
> - SCR / CCR
> - configure dive computer
> - printing
> I know that we currently have an issue where a relatively simple sequence
> of operations with an undo at the end can crash the program. That would
> seem to be a pretty obvious show stopper for a release.
> Willem reported another bug that I think needs to be addressed where
> adding a dive manually on the desktop has changed dramatically and is
> fundamentally broken (and I think this is again a side effect of the new
> undo code). The profile that we generate uses bogus descent / ascent
> speeds. I'll look into this one.
> It would be great to see what else currently doesn't work as it should.
> Thanks
> /D
>> On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 08:20:00AM -0700, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>> In a new thread, hoping that more people will read it...
>> I should be emerging from my self inflicted "almost absence" this week. Which means that I once again want to try to get to a 4.9 release.
>> We discussed this a few times, most of the missing pieces have either been taken care of or are available as a pull request.
>> What we need are translations, documentation, and testing. A lot of testing.
>> I will do some testing myself about a week from now (yay, finally), but I'd like to ask everyone here to play with builds based on current master, and to especially try some of the less frequently used parts of the code.
>> Renumbering dives. Configuring dive computers. More complex operations with dive sites. Import and export functionality.
>> Sure, I'd love to get this out in July, but I realize that at this point I lost all credibility for statements like this. And in reality the timing will largely depend on how many people will read this email and think "uh, I can't wait for 4.9, then I can switch to the new version for my next dive trip", and how many will actually test current master, report issues, and help fix them.
>> Thanks
>> /D
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