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Tue Jun 25 04:53:27 PDT 2019


> On 22. Jun 2019, at 20:45, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:
> I will be traveling the next two weeks and should as part of this have
> plenty of opportunity to test Subsurface (Linux and Mac) and
> Subsurface-mobile (Android). Hopefully that will help me get a better idea
> how close we are to being able to release this. But I'd really love to
> hear from others since there are large parts of this software that I never
> use:
> - planner

today I noticed an oddity in the planner when using VPM-B:

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Open the attached log and edit one of the dives in the planner. Choose VPM-B mode and vary the conservatism. Turns out the ceiling does not come back to the same value when the conservatism is set back to a value it had before but it depends on the history. It seems that the VPM-B state for the profile is not properly initialised. This might be related to!msg/subsurface-divelog/CxeSCRZaXqc/4oZ_luF0AwAJ

I am investigating this but currently pretty busy with job and other obligations.

The effect is somewhat small and it seems the plotted ceiling rather than the planner is the problem. But debugging VPM-B state (and its initialisation) is somewhat painful. I don’t consider this a show stopper for 4.9.

Will keep you posted.

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