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Sun Oct 6 10:24:55 PDT 2019

I think you might have touched on something when you asked what device I have and mentioned the 64bit builds.

It’s a Hudl- made for the Uk market a few years ago and now no longer supported. - hence being stuck on 5.x.

I didn’t know what chip set I had, so ran CPU-z last night and discovered I have an intel atom system. That explained the x86 entry that we saw previously.

I also don’t usually download via the play store, I usually go direct to the directories and download the arm.apk rather than the arm64 files.

This makes me think that maybe the play store for some reason identified my Hudl as 64 bit, downloaded that and that’s the start of the problem

Im not certain how to run abd via a command window in a windows environment so can’t do that at present. I normally just run android studio, put subsurface in the filter and go with that. If anyone can suggest a better way, please do.

Altogether I think I’m probably leading you down a dead end. Luckily though, going back a few releases, I get back download capability for both my FTDI computer and my shearwaters so all is good for that point of view - downloading my suunto was the only reason why I bought an android system, i usually do everything on an iPad.

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On 5 Oct 2019, at 16:08, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at<mailto:dirk at>> wrote:

I haven't had a chance to test the 64bit build on Android 5.x as that isn't something that I have access to.
And all my research told me that for any 64bit device shipped, there should have been a path to get to Android 6 in the first place.
I'm curious, what device is this?

On Oct 5, 2019, at 4:45 AM, John Smith <noseygit at<mailto:noseygit at>> wrote:

Crashes immediatley on loading on mine

10-05 12:43:35.771 536-972/? I/ActivityManager: START u0 {act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=[android.intent.category.LAUNCHER] flg=0x10200000 bnds=[18,1260][212,1542] (has extras)} from uid 10075 on display 0
10-05 12:43:35.778 536-972/? V/WindowManager: addAppToken: AppWindowToken{fc0c5ad token=Token{190072c4 ActivityRecord{aa2d9d7 u0 t262}}} to stack=1 task=262 at 0
10-05 12:43:35.856 536-569/? V/WindowManager: Adding window Window{15abda3a u0 Starting} at 3 of 9 (after Window{ffc8258 u0 com.anddoes.launcher/com.anddoes.launcher.Launcher})
10-05 12:43:35.894 536-550/? I/ActivityManager: Start proc for activity
10-05 12:43:36.145 20133-20133/? I/ onCreate: onCreate SubsurfaceMobileActivity
10-05 12:43:36.410 20133-20149/? D/houdini: [20149] Added shared library /data/app/ for ClassLoader by Native Bridge.
10-05 12:43:36.410 20133-20149/? I/Qt JAVA: Can't find '/data/app/'

This line is odd, but we've had this on all builds, so that's not the reason for the crash.

    --------- beginning of crash
10-05 12:43:36.698 536-1554/? I/ActivityManager: Process (pid 20133) has died
10-05 12:43:36.758 536-1554/? I/ActivityManager: Start proc for activity
10-05 12:43:36.836 20151-20151/? I/ onCreate: onCreate SubsurfaceMobileActivity
10-05 12:43:36.910 20151-20166/? D/houdini: [20166] Added shared library /data/app/ for ClassLoader by Native Bridge.
10-05 12:43:36.910 20151-20166/? I/Qt JAVA: Can't find '/data/app/'
10-05 12:43:36.982 536-1009/? I/ActivityManager: Process (pid 20151) has died
10-05 12:43:37.004 536-1009/? I/ActivityManager: Start proc for activity
10-05 12:43:37.034 20168-20168/? I/ onCreate: onCreate SubsurfaceMobileActivity
10-05 12:43:37.074 20168-20183/? D/houdini: [20183] Added shared library /data/app/ for ClassLoader by Native Bridge.
10-05 12:43:37.074 20168-20183/? I/Qt JAVA: Can't find '/data/app/'
10-05 12:43:37.142 536-550/? I/ActivityManager: Process (pid 20168) has died
10-05 12:43:37.143 536-550/? W/ActivityManager: Force removing ActivityRecord{aa2d9d7 u0 t262}: app died, no saved state

And there is nothing in this log that indicates why/how Subsurface died. So I have no idea what to do with this.
Are there any more messages? If you run adb logcat | grep subsurface - do you get more information?



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