Importing dives from Shearwater Perdix AI straight into Subsurface

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Wed Dec 23 09:17:28 PST 2020

The problem is that I am even more powerless from where I sit.
I know this works.
I have done it myself many times for testing, the original developer of the BLE code for Windows used a Perdix AI.

I assume you are following these steps that are outlined in slightly different form in at least half a dozen posts on this mailing list and on the user forum:

There is no magic. It's simply a sequence of steps.

- first you need a quiet environment (I walk out into the backyard and even there I can see half a dozen BLE devices - compared to 28 in my office)

- forget the pairing in the Windows device settings
- turn on BLE mode on the Perdix AI
- pair Windows
- start Subsurface
- scan
- download
if it works, go back to your house as likely your toes are cold.
if not, repeat

If I connected my Shearwater with a different computer or device since the last time I downloaded from it on Windows then it will take half a dozen or more of runs through this sequence.

Does the pairing work? Does Subsurface see the Perdix on the scan? As you press download, is the Perdix still in BLE mode with at least 15 seconds left on the count down?


> On Dec 23, 2020, at 5:01 AM, Jordi Altimiras <jordi.altimiras at> wrote:
> Hi Dirk. I am using Subsurface on a laptop with Windows 10. The Perdix is completely new and this is the first time I am trying to pair it with the computer. I have not installed the Shearwater software to avoid conflicts. The basic issue is that I am powerless, if the computer does not recognize it there seems to be little I can do. I am trying to install a Bluetooth USB dongle in the computer in case that makes a difference but it does not seem to help. I guess I will keep trying
> Jordi
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> A lot has been written about this.
> The summary is "it is complicated".
> Which app are you using (Subsurface or Subsurface-mobile?), on which OS. The answers are slightly different depending on that.
> In general, once the Perdix AI (and later Shearwater computers) have connected to one app on one device, it can be tricky to  convince them to talk to something else.
> But in general, the Perdix AI does work with Subsurface on all five of our supported platforms. It just takes some patience and convincing.
> /D
> On Dec 22, 2020, at 2:09 PM, Jordi Altimiras via subsurface <subsurface at <mailto:subsurface at>> wrote:
> Hi. I just got my new Perdix AI and I am now trying to download the weekend dives directly into Subsurface. Unfortunately Subsurface does not seem to find the computer. I read in online forums that the problem is the Bluetooth Low Energy used by the Perdix that is the issue but the these threads are now 3 years old and the Bluetooth setup in Subsurface appears to have an LE mode. Still no success with it. Is it possible or should I use the Shearwater software to download and then import?
> Best regards
> Jordi Altimiras

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