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> Hi,
> On 30. Jun 2021, at 01:12, Dirk Hohndel via subsurface <
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> So... if you have a moment (especially if you are on Mac and Windows),
> would you please try the current daily builds, and try the printing
> features?
> thanks to my daughter’s birthday and related festivities, I will not have
> much time this weekend to look into this, so just a few quick remarks:
> * As said earlier, I think it would be great if this release would contain
> a fix (which we don’t have yet) for the Poseidon CCR issues reported by
> Robert Angermeyer in #3264/#3265. My guess would be it is something simple
> for somebody familiar with this part of file import code (Miika?)

This #3265 might not be related to APD import. I am able to import both DCs
separately, but when importing second computer on top of first one, nothing
seems to happen. If I export each DC individually to Subsurface XML and try
to import those, the DC merge does not happen either, and we end up with
only first DC in the log. So far I have not been able to figure out what is
going on, but next step will probably be to look into DC merging code. (Or
use debugger to make sure the import part works properly, before diving
into the merging code.)

For #3264, I am still lacking Windows to test with.

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