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> Hello Together,
> my BT connection to my Ratio iX3M dosen´t work.
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Dear Duefer,

Contrary to popular belief, Bluetooth is an awful communications 
environment. And Bluetooth LE is even more pathetic. You do not give a 
lot of information, so here are a few basic steps:

1) Make sure whether your Ratio used Bluetooth Classical or Bluetooth 
Low energy (sometimes called Smart Bluetooth if you are an Apple 
aficionado). It is critical that you have the correct information. If 
you do not have the correct information (Classical or BLE), then 
communication with your Ratio is likely to remain a problem.

2) Make sure that the Bluetooth hardware in your laptop can see the 
Ratio. Try to pair with the Ratio and see if pairing is successful. If 
it is successful, then UNPAIR the connection with your Ratio. The reason 
is that Subsurface performs its own paring of Bluetooth devices, 
independent of the operating system. It often takes many retries of the 
pairing process before your computer sees the Ratio. Bluetooth is 
extremely temperamental. Once Subsurface has paired with the Ratio, it 
is likely to remember the information and subsequent pairing will be easier.

3) Carefully read the Subsurface user manual (especially section 4.2.2) 
and follow the instruction there. In particular, does Subsurface see 
your Ratio when you go through the Bluetooth setup?

4) Your screenshot looks like you may be running Subsurface on a Linux 
box. You will have to determine in which directory your Subsurface 
executable lies. Run Subsurface by typing: subsurface -v -v

This produces the maximum amount of runtime information and is printed 
in the terminal. In Windows you can use an analogous process. On a Mac I 
have no clue. Carefully scan the debug information in the terminal to 
find anything related to Bluetooth. Then copy that information in an 
email to this mail group.

Kind regards,


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