Swedish, French, and Dutch translations need updates

Jnoel jnoel at sissiou.net
Tue Oct 16 10:15:31 PDT 2012


I've updated the french translations file and removed the fuzzy marks. 
I've sent a pull request.


Le mardi 16 octobre 2012 +AOA 09:09 -0700, Dirk Hohndel a +AOk-crit :

+AD4 Linus, Jacco, Pierre and Jean-No+AOs-l,
+AD4 a quick look at the .po files seems to indicate that these three
+AD4 translations haven't been updated since the last time we made
+AD4 significant changes to the strings.
+AD4 Please look for the translations marked as 
+AD4 +ACM, fuzzy
+AD4 like this:
+AD4 +ACM: statistics.c:162
+AD4 +ACM, fuzzy
+AD4 msgctxt +ACI-Stats+ACI
+AD4 msgid +ACI +AD4 Month+ACI
+AD4 msgstr +ACIAIg
+AD4 +ACI-Ann+AOk-e+AFw-n+ACI
+AD4 +ACI +AD4 Mois+ACI
+AD4 These are mostly texts that changed and now provide a context (the msgctxt)
+AD4 and only single words (instead of the two lines combined, previously).
+AD4 Please update the msgstr (it should be in one line, a single string
+AD4 literal) and remove the +ACIAIw, fuzzy+ACI comment (as our tools currently
+AD4 ignore translations that are marked fuzzy).
+AD4 Thanks
+AD4 /D
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