4.0 release on hold...

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Sun Dec 15 13:53:06 UTC 2013

The Windows binaries can't create an SSL connection to divelogs.de

I know we had a similar problem in the Gtk binaries with missing shared
libraries. Same seems to bite us here.

The Mac binaries appear to connect to divelogs.de but then crash when
trying to open the zip file.

I've worked on the 4.0 release for the last 8 hours pretty much straight
and need to stop now and return to my family...

Anyone who wants to dig into this please feel free - both binaries are
in the downloads folder.

The BAD NEWS is that the website (with the exception of the
announcement) has been updated so people will already be directed to the
4.0 binaries.


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