New webservice API

Aurélien PRALONG aurelien.pralong at
Sun Jan 27 13:07:05 PST 2013


I'm back to civilisation. Still, I probably won't be able to update the
companion with the web-service tonight, only tomorrow. But yes, it is a
good idea to have an intermediate version which supports the new

Concerning images, I don't know Apple APIs, but on Android, I suppose I
could add a provider on images, so that when clicking on share (image
menu), you can open the companion App, input a name on the photo, extract
GPS position or get new positions and send the whole thing to the
web-service. Image uploading would surely be an interesting feature.

Concerning the play store, it would probably be better to create a
subsurface brand. Anyway, we have time to think about this, the application
is too simple to have it place on the store : we should wait for a new

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