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> On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 01:34:37PM -0400, John Van Ostrand wrote:
> > >
> > > What other things are partly done and likely / unlikely to be finished
> in
> > > the next two weeks?
> > >
> >
> > Any chance the Cochran import can make it in?
> That's more a libdivecomputer question. Or are there Subsurface patches as
> well that I have ignored?

It seems so. The thread "[PATCH] Finished Cochran dive log import" from Oct
17 has the patch.

It does make a tiny reference to a constant SAMPLE_EVENT_BATTERY from one
of my patches to libdivecomputer but that can be easily removed for the
time being.

I should compile against an older version of libdivecomputer just to be

> I have been chatting with Jef a bit and he has been crazy busy the last
> few weeks and while he is thrilled that people are contributing (I did the
> A300CS, you did Cochran, Linus did the Suunto Eon Steel) that has only
> added to the workload. I know, this sounds backwards, but I know exactly
> how Jef feels. Working with contributors takes time. In the big picture it
> saves time if more people continue to contribute, but initially there is
> this extra effort...
> From a Subsurface point of view, I'll wait to see what Jef thinks is
> reasonable. In the past he has done heroic efforts to get things
> integrated in time for our releases.
> If Jef says "sorry guys, I won't be able to get any of this integrated in
> the next two weeks" (which is always possible, life comes first) I might
> be talked into doing a "custom built" (i.e., a temporary fork) in order to
> add support for those three dive computers to Subsurface 4.3 (actually, I
> think it's more than three - how many different devices do your patches
> cover? two? three?), but I really would prefer not to have to do so.

My subsurface import supports three computer families, EMC, Commander and

My libdivecomputer patch only supports EMC and Commander families. It
hasn't been accepted by Jef yet.

John Van Ostrand
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