Allow replanning of logged dives

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Mon May 11 00:48:53 PDT 2015


Given that these patches are the result of a private exchange between
Robert and me, I think I should add some info.
I asked how I can see how much deco I eventually missed in a real dive
according to Buhlmann and a given GF set.

I plan and calculate deco on the fly via ratio deco. I'm noticing that
my profiles are always compliant with Bulhmann 20/85 except (maybe)
for the end of the dive. Of course the profile ends when I surface and
It's really a shame being able to analyze the entire profile but
missing the last part info. From what I see I always respect the 20/85
GF constraints but probably I "cut" the last oxygen part. I don't know
if I missed 30 minute at 6 meters or just five minutes. I was
wondering if there is a quick smart way to understand how much deco,
eventually, I omitted in a real profile.
Robert told me that the easiest way to answer my question is just
enabling to copy the dive in the planner module.
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