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Miika Turkia miika.turkia at
Sun Jan 3 21:44:39 PST 2016

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 7:35 AM, Stephen Hemminger
<stephen at> wrote:
> I installed the daily build on my Nexus 9. And found some glitches.
> The biggest one was a repeatable crash. This happens with the sequence:
>  1. Install APK and open
>  2. Login to Cloud
>  3. Dive list displayed and dives can be viewed.
>  4. Use the Navigation bar to go back to Android main screen
>  5. Use the square navigation button to display applications, then swipe to
> shutdown subsurface.
>  6. Restart subsurface
>      List of dives comes back
>  7. Try and open dive... crash

I wonder if this is the same crash I see when trying to view dive
details. Unfortunately, on my crash there is no debug output that
would help at all to know what goes wrong.

> Another minor bug, is that if the cloud password is not entered correctly on
> the initial setup,
> the program just jumps back to setup screen with no error message.

I sent a patch for this a day or two ago, but it has not yet been
reviewed by Dirk.

> A cosmetic glitch is that there is some symbol with two squares and a x
> inside a circle at the bottom of many
> screens. Haven't seen this with other apps, and it doesn't seem to do
> anything.

Isn't that an icon indicating that you can swipe left/right to view
menu or other screens. It should also have triangles to left and right
if you have other screens available that way. (To be honest, I find it
a bit odd as well.)

> A couple of enhancements or things I expect were missing (most of these were
> mentioned
> before).
>  A. Would be good to have standard menu accessed by triple bar in top left
> corner
>  B. Swiping is a little counter-intuitive. My expectation was that simple
> swipe would scroll
>       through dives. The only swipe that did anything was swipe left from
> dive went back to dive list.
>  C. Pinch zoom on dive profile would be great, my dives are mostly
> uninteresting, but would be nice
>      to look at smaller segments.

I pretty much agree on these. Some clever fellow should just come up
with a good solution for B. And C will probably mean a lot of
frustrated hours from one of our developers :D


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